Written For Me–A Poem

2 Oct

By: Melissa Mills

September 12, 2010

I forgive you for not having your legs shaved,

I forgive you for your bills being unpaid.

Your bed unmade, for being afraid.

For your future unplanned, your dishes undone, songs unsung, races not won,

For not having fun!

I forgive you for all of that.

You’ve done your best. You’re here right now.

I forgive your unbelief, your messy streak,

Your words too harsh,

For feeling around in the dark.

For distrust.

Choosing busy instead of still,

For being bitter and shrill.

For choosing easy versus scary,

Selfishness instead of selflessness.

For knowing better but doing worse,

For those times of tactless outburst.

For the small things you can’t forget,

That have held you prisoner for far too long.

Listen and choose to let yourself free,

Off the hook, so that you can just be.

You are right here, right now.

Right here, right NOW.

Right here, right now.

Still. Acknowledging brokenness.

Wanting healing. You. Are. Enough.

Right here, right now you are enough.

Free. Do you realize you’re free?

Free to be your messy self.

Free to love and fail and fall.

Free to live and laugh and bawl.

You’re in the moment.

You can forgive and be forgiven.

Be here in freedom. Be here how you are.

It’s okay – you’re fine.

It’s going to work. Jesus is here.

To soothe your anxious thoughts.

Release and give them over.

Choose freedom.

Choose belief.

Choose relief.


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