Looking back and forward

9 Nov

When I was 23,

No one knew what I would be,

I was an unfinished symphony,

Waiting for Someone to draw in the notes.


I smile from a picture to a stranger version of myself,

That I didn’t know then.

My hair is soft and short and I’m wearing a red dress that I’ve since forgotten.


The girl in the picture had not known heartbreak or show business very well.

She smiled. Never having left the continental US,

Never realizing she was about to be stretched.


7 living situations later, countless jobs and bosses gone.

Paris conquered. Perspectives changed.

Social justice discovered. Prayers prayed.


She is not the same. She’s wised up.

She waits and somewhere in that fog, she hopes.

Trusting that 31 will not be 30 or even 23.

She steps delicately toward another picture,

That will one day look back and smile knowingly.

And there is beauty there in that discovery.

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