To Jessica on her 30th Birthday

28 Mar

Dear Jessica,

I wanted to write you this letter because there’s really no other way to tell you what you mean to me. We have been through so much. Here’s just a snapshot:

Harvest fest 2005

You are rare and raw truth when I most need it.

You are windows down, hair blowing, music loud and free.

You are heartbreak and comeback in the same breath.

You are surprise at the most random times.

You are life and beauty and courage when I haven’t known how.

You are Dave Matthews concert, running through the fields in San Francisco, laughing at the top of our lungs.

You are laugh until I cry and can’t breathe in less than three seconds.

You are the song that I’m still waiting to hear about me.


President's Day party 2005


You are Beantown. Dogs and babies. Random thoughts strung together.

You are Writer’s Group.

You are California Rasins and The Bushes at the President’s Day Party.

You are patriotic.

You are driving me all the way to Camarillo for Jersey Mike’s.

You are your first coffee house appearance, nervous but so good.

You are superstar Christian.

You are watching me fall in and out of love and helping to break my fall.

You are purple converse shoes that make me smile.

You are PAing on Life With Bonnie, Jesus on a bench at that retreat, leadership.

You are dust yourself off, pick yourself up, get out of the house. YES!

You are nasal chestnuts being cured.

You are Trader Joe’s.

You are Burbank backyard with Sal and orange blossoms and balls being

Indigo Girls concert

thrown over the fence.

You are dragging me out for pie at midnight when I pretend to not want to come but do anyway.

You are so mad about your peed on Birkenstocks, walking to the car barefoot through Golden Gate Park.

You are so many songs, sometimes sad but starting to get hopeful as years pass.

You are comfort.

You are home.

You are beaches, whether it be Atlantic or Pacific.

One of Jessica's first gigs on stage

You are forcing me to go into the waves but realizing I’m really scared when I scream like a four year old.

You are swimming, even with the floaties on.

You are guitar.

You are random writing exercises at random coffee shops.

You are making me laugh at myself when I am too self-important.

You are good advice after the interview.

You are an instant friend with a picture to prove it.

You are loyal.

You are passionate.

You are telling me that I’m overdramatic and I’m laughing because it takes one to know one.

You are risk-taker, living life with zeal, not afraid to make mistakes.

You are sneezing with me when there are too many cats and telling me I’ll make it till morning.

You are “I’m not quite at the same place as you but we’ll still be friends” and we were.

You are spirit.

You are reminders of the best parts of who I want to be.

You are too many tears that I want to wipe, even from a distance.

You are driving me crazy because I don’t know what to do with you.

You are the full boob hug.

You are listening to me overshare intimate details in your Burbank backyard.

You are air freshener nowhere to be found.

You are red towels in your bathroom.

You are making me dinner after I already snuck to Wendy’s because I couldn’t resist.

You are speeding ticket in North Carolina on the way to Washington DC.

You are at mile 6 and then 14, still smiling.

You are giving me advice on how to run my own half-marathon from three timezones away.

You are Ghana personified.

You are falling down a mountain in Prague. Ow.

You are the angels on the Charles bridge.

You are Eleanor, which always makes me cry because it’s so a part of your story.

You are Manaic Magee.

You are letting go of the past to embrace the future.

You are carefrontation to the max.

You are best life group ever.

After Jessica and my friends gave me my iPod at my 25th bday

You are hitting send on the email I sent to IJM accepting my internship.

You are This Road by Jars of Clay.

You are the best mix cds I’ve ever heard.

You are Cafe 50s milkshakes after seeing the Indigo Girls with your dad and me.

You are learning boundaries with me.

You are the originator of the “thing.”

You are telling me that I need to be careful because you care about me.

You are best surprise birthday ever and ipod that makes me cry because I want it so bad.

You are stories I’ve heard so many times I think I’ve lived through them.

You are not going to tell me my baby is ugly even if it is.

You are Harvest fests.

You are the roommate of the girl I knew who went to Emerson.

You are “Oh, Meliss.”

You are one of my biggest fans.

You are friend but more sister.

You are inspiring me to take big risks and live for Christ.

You are 30.

I am thankful for all that you are and will become.

I love you.



Roses and us


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