And Now For Something Completely Different…

2 Jun

Missing My Friend

One of Jessica's first gigs on stage

This song reminds me of a simple time, when you and I were younger. We didn’t know much although we thought we knew it all. One thing we did know was how to laugh. We knew how to find adventure around every corner. We believed in each other and that was enough. All our flaws. All our innocence. Your crazy, my weird. We forged something beautiful akin to sisterhood in several California seasons.

But you’ve been gone now for four years. Living where beaches have longer grass and humid weather weaves its way into hurricane season. This song still reminds me of you. Your passion for a band and how you breathed that passion into my life. And not just about that, about so many things. God. Songs played on guitar. Cars with their windows down. Driving around.

I don’t believe that people complete you but if I did, you’d be one of those puzzle pieces of my life that’s not in the box anymore. The one the kid can’t find that’s probably gathering dust under a couch somewhere next to a stale cheeto. All that to say, I miss you. On nights like tonight when I’m walking around during the beginning of another California summer, the kind you’d love, the kind with blue skies tracked with puffy jet streams and star jasmine taking your breath away, I think of you. I miss you. I miss how you know me and made me feel safe like very few people in the world have. With a look. With a laugh. Just by being you. In the lonely moments, I know that you’re still there knowing me somewhere. It’s just not here.

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