Men Don’t Get Enough Credit

5 Jun

I’ve recently encountered several men in my life who seem to need encouragement. I saw a funny video called “Nice Guys” that had a bit of truth to it as it relates to the kinds of guys some girls like to date. It reminded me that nice guys don’t get a lot of credit and they deserve it.

Whether they’ve lost their job or are facing a depression or don’t have any current direction or are just plain frustrated about the obstacles in front of them, I know that from time to time men really need encouragement so that they can believe in themselves and continue on.  Not that I know what it’s like to be a man, I don’t claim to. But I think our society spends a lot of time giving guys a bad reputation and sometimes as a woman, I feel bad for them because it is undeserved.  I know so many quality guys who are living out their lives, trying to be faithful to their values. Guys so want to be respected and I think women can do a lot more toward that. I’d rather contribute to helping men grow than to add to the problem by just expecting the men in my life to fall into a stereotype that makes them out to be the bad guys.  In response to all of these feelings I’ve had recently, I wrote a poem. It’s short. Simple. But it expresses a lot of what I feel about so many of the amazing men in my life that I encounter and get to call my friends and family.

Words For Him Who Can Not See

By Melissa Mills

June 5, 2011

The you I see is strong not weak,

The you I know is beyond belief.

You disappoint yourself, not me,

You strive and try but fail to see.

You tackle obstacles big and small,

You run now where you used to crawl.

I’m so proud of a man I’m privileged to know,

Of how he’s so committed to grow.

Don’t disappear before you’ve begun,

Don’t end the race until you’ve won.

You’re close to discovering what I’ve known all along,

You are amazing, gifted, worthy, and strong.

Don’t let fear cripple your stride,

Or allow yourself a puffed up pride.

Instead hold true to the man I admire,

Humble, courageous, and full of fire.


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