A poem written at 4AM about waiting

3 Dec

December 3, 2011

Wait: A poem

I’m stalled in line at the DMV.

I’m stuck in traffic on some side street.

I’m staring at a clock, counting down the minutes until 5,

Dreaming up escape plans only I can contrive.


Frustrated I can’t pass,

Cutting people off, not wanting to be last.

My breath is caught in my throat, I wish I smoked but I don’t.

Is this really where I start? Being that I’m afraid of the dark?


I’m always counting down,

Barely stopping to refresh or rest,

Caffeine is my worst enemy/best friend,



Pumping, going, never slowing…

Striving, driving, thinking it’s arriving.

I feel anticipation bursting inside, it can’t get out,

My only option is to sedate…

To wait. To wait. TO WAIT.


Patience: Just wait.

Peace: Create.

A promise…We anticipate.


Breathe: No fear.


A whisper…. He is here…He is near.


By waiting, I heard.

By breathing, I stirred.

By being, I’m freeing.


The word dwelled. And I was held.

In a special place I’ve never been because I was too busy before.

To wait. To wait. TO WAIT.


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