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Why the title?

20 Oct

“Where my heart wants to go” is actually a lyric from a Cat Stevens song called “The Wind”. Why Cat Stevens? I really don’t know. One time I was writing a story that was really personal to me about the position I held in my family

What do you think of when you see this family?

and I was listening to “The Very Best of Cat Stevens” on repeat. A lyric from “Father and Son,” one of Stevens’ songs about a father and a son trying to reconcile their relationship and understand each other, popped out at me.

It was “All the times that I cried/keeping all the things I knew inside. It was hard, but it’s harder to ignore it.” Somehow that line “Keeping All The Things I Knew Inside” became iconic to what my story was trying to say. I felt like it perfectly encapsulated my position as the author of my story and voila, the story had it’s title.

When thinking about my blog, I thought of all of these things that I want to do with it. I thought of how I want to use it to express my inner thoughts, publish stories that have sat in boxes gathering dust. It’s really a yearning I have. And so I went back to Cat Stevens and discovered “Where My Heart Wants To Go” hidden in “The Wind”. For Cat, I think it’s music that takes him where his heart wants to go. For me, it’s this simple act of writing. And thus, my blog is birthed.


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